January 5 – 29

“…learning to paint is like learning to see.”

Vicki Taylor has spent her whole life learning to see but only began to paint as an adult. After raising her family in rural Pendleton, she felt compelled to pursue a college education and entered Ball State where she earned her B.S. and M.F.A. in the l980’s.

“To see, choose an interesting subject and paint it ‘close up’. Simple and convenient subjects are best. They are easily understood but challenging to describe.”

Taylor prefers the commitment of working large, even though her subjects are are usually small objects like ribbons and onions. Moving between realism and photo-realism, her style is as distinctive as her color palette.

“Paintings that work initiate reactions and feelings. Paintings that work well make statements.”

The sea’s influence is evident in her shellscapes and her honors and awards attest to her mastery of the brush. After spending 25 retirement years in Florida with her late husband Bob, Vicki returned to Madison County to be close to her family. She is a member of the Pendleton Artists Society and is the solo artist exhibiting at GALLERY 119 in Pendleton during the month of January. Her display of oil and acrylic paintings opens on January 5, First Friday, with a public reception from 6 to 8:30.