Kids Camp 2018

I heard from parents that we “stepped it up this year” at our Kid’s Camp and they loved the variety of art projects for kids camp. Parents said their kids came home talking about what they did that day and the kiln.

Kids art camp was held July 16-20. We had 58 children and 26 different art classes taught last week. Some of the classes taught were:

  • oil painting
  • acrylic dirty pour
  • water color painting
  • decorating gourds
  • print making
  • drawing
  • primary color and the color wheel
  • ink paint on tiles
  • shapes and composition

The evening class was four nights for the older kids and they learned to design and work with metal to create a copper box with enamel accents that they made using a kiln.

Pendleton Artists Society received a grant from the Enamelist Society. They sent the galley a kiln which was used at kids camp. Diane asked Matt Blanchfield to make a design for Kids camp and she made an enamel pin for each child at camp. Each child learned about enamels. All the children got to place the kids camp decal on their pin and observed as well as participated in firing a piece of enamel in the kiln. Each went home with an enamel pin that they helped make.

Below are photos and a video from some of the classes